Eternity, microcosmos, macrocosmos, microworld, macroworld, dimension, time, space, spirit, GreatCreator.

The Mosaic Of Wisdom

The highest spirits, i. e. Creators of all cosmoses are connected together and they all create the only true GreatCreator (PreCreator) who knows all the future in advance. He is a representative of absolute wisdom however at the same time he is an incredibly huge brain as though a gigantic spiritual computer, which has knowledge about all what happens on all lands and times and spaces levels. In microworlds and macroworlds i. e. in microcosmoses and macrocosmoses.
And their inception and extinction - including all what is happening inside them - is predetermined and planned with one hundred percent precision and is always repeating eternally, for ever and ever. And that is the Fate of eternity.



Oh, The Material Bodies, Or The Secret Of First Civilization

Astrologic Calculation Of Fate's Quota

Priceless Information

Prevent Evil Or Not

The Aim Of Mankind's Development

What We Will Leave Behind

Man thinks man, and man appears

The Gifts Of Human Life

Come God’s Will

Two Faces Of Destiny

Does Justify Exist?


Illusion About Free Will

How God “Disappointed” Himself

How To Find Oneself

How It Is Possible To Change Unhappiness Into Happiness

How To Get To Heaven

How To Find Out What Others Think

How To Become Wise

How To Ask God For Help In The Right Way

How Fate Governs Our Health

How To Work On Oneself In An Apt Way

Like Soul Like Body

What Should A Right Judge Be Like, Or Failing Justice Of Earthly Judiciaries

The Only True Religion

The Only Way To Perform No Evil

We Are Judged For What We Were Doomed To

You Are People Only

Ifs And Ans Are Pots And Pens

The Curse Of This World

Quality Biotronics Treatment

Human Soul And It's Single Incarnations

Magic For The Suffering

Vanity Of Human Acting

Vanity Of Human Lives

Migration And Moving Of Souls Along Our Planet

The Wisdom Of Life

Danger Of Human Acting

The Best Teachers Of Wisdom

The Biggest Culprit Of All Evil

Sometimes Less Is More

About Good And Evil

The Things One Cannot Write About

On Killing Animals

Accusation Of The Creator

The Fate Of Eternity

A Question Of Euthanasia And Human Right To Life And Death

Slaves Of Their Bodies

The Lord Of All Lords

Under Protective Wings Of Evil

The Deception Of This World

Politics Through The Philosopher’s Eyes

Talking About Dreams

True Nationalism Or Love For Native Country

The Rule Of Mercy

Rights And Obligations Of A Man

The Issue Of Fight Of Good Against Evil

Why God “Does Not Hear” Prayers

Why Does The Truth Hide Itself

Relatively Untrue Chapter

A Solution To Karmic Problems

A Solution To Suffering

The Loneliness Of Wisdom

The Testimony Of Eternal Wanderer

Magic Power Of Music

The Mystery Of Apocalypse

The Secret Of Aura

The Secret Of Automatic Writing

The Secret Of Time

The Secret Of Four Beasts

The Secret Of Perfect Analysis

The Secret Of Devil

The Secret Of Geniality

The Secret Of Harmony

The Secret Of Jesus Christ

The Secret Of Karmic Astrology

The Secret Of Cosmic Evolution

The Secret Of Human Health

The Secret Of Human Souls And Spirits

The Secret Of Microcosmos And Macrocosmos

The Secret Of Endless Number

The Secret Of GreatCreator

The Secret Of Comforter

The Secret Of Psychical Diseases

The Secret Of Relatively Ideal Life

The Secret Of Ancient Gods

The Secret Of One Hundred Forty And Four Thousand Elected

The Secret Of Chessboard

The Secret Of Tao

The Secret Of Success

The Secret Of Three Circles

The Secret Of Successful Stake

Transformation Of Spiritual Energy

Universal Law Of All Events

Suffering Of Holy Spirit

Suffering – The Best Remedy And The Best Killer

Eternal Problem Of Suffering People

Assassins In Green Uniforms

Everything Is Otherwise

Exorcism Of Evil Ghosts

The Sign Of The Wise

Closing Résumé

The Author's Sayings And Wise Advices

Verses Of Wisdom

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